Here The Funny Animals!

from Aimoré Coelho – Dionisio Coda

Hand made, color pencils and a little computer touch, changing for huge, monstrous 300 dpi size
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Alkalin, the little white mouse

Alkalin little Mouse

Isn’t he cute?

Dad Koala and his cubs

Koala Painting

Daughter Koala:
“— Dad, your eucalypt juice!”

Aimore says Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Bear setting his watch

Bear and his watch

Setting his watch

Rabbit Aimore, the brave

Aimore brave rabbit

A class school

Class School

Oxygene with Aimore


Inspired on Jean Michel Jarre sound

Equinoxe with Aimore


Inspired on Jean Michel Jarre sound

Raccoon painting at heights

Raccoon painting

Shinning Aimore, Good To See You

“Good To See You”

Inspired on Vangelis sound

Horizon line, time to lunch

“Horizon Line”

Time to lunch
Inspired on Azimuth sound

Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd

“Wish You Were Here”
Pink Floyd

Turtle and Boy legend

Turtle and Boy Legend

An ancient Legend

Whale, beware!

Whale, look out!

A Disappointment!

Broken Links

The evening

The evening

Inspired on Edvard Munch pictures
[The best Painter 1863~1944]

Watching another thing

Watching another thing

Hmm. Nice square toe shoes

2001, the Animal Odyssey

2001, A Funny Odyssey

A Stanley Kubrick’s movie parody
[The best Movie ever made]

Duarte, the ant-bear

Duarte, The Ant-Bear

Ant-bear Duarte lunched a lot of things

The waiter and the Customer

Your Cafe, Sir

Beagle Waiter: “— Your café, sir.”
Bear Customer: “— Thanks! And my hot sandwich?”

Car Seller and Customer

The Car Seller and The Customer

Acidic, o Rato, the Mouse

Acidic Mouse

Krigg Hamster and Liu Panda

Krigg Hamster and Liu Panda

A stubborn Hamster and a patient Panda

Two Lovers

Two Lovers

The Captain Of Her Heart

“The Captain Of Her Heart”

Inspired on The Classical Double’s melody

Walking in the street

Walking in the street

Stormy, by Classics IV


The Classic from Classics IV

Bear and secretary

Bear and Secretary

Beloved Bears

Artik in stereogram effect

Artik in stereogram effect

Artik © Milton Bonella
Background © Dionisio Codama
This is a stereogram effect

How see the STEREOGRAM pictures:

1. Copy the image in your computer. Print it on an A4 paper.
2. Look the print at 30 cm or 1 ft from your eyes.
3. Try to approach that two pictures in one at the central line, like a cross-eyed one.
4. You will see it in three dimensions.
5. Do Not Look More than 5 minutes.

The Flying Dutchman Legend

The Flying Dutchman Legend

A nice day in the city

A day in the city

Boy Scouts camping

Boy Scouts camping

Get stuck

They will get stuck ?!

A courageous female truck driver!

Back On The Road

“Back On The Road”

Inspired on Joe Egan song

Alkalin, the mouse

Alkalin Mouse

The gasoline station workers

The gasoline station workers

Busy day

Running In The City

“Running In The City”

Didier Marouani’s Classical song.
Colored pencils picture

Square toe shoes

Wearing good shoes

How pretty and ergonomic are square toed shoes

The Blue Sea Color, Tim Maia

The Blue Sea Color

Inspired with Tim Maia’s Classical song

Rabbit and Apple

Aimore Rabbit and Apples

Diamond in the Sun, Forever Young

“Forever Young”

Inspired with Alphaville’s Classical song

Soccer, picture #2

Soccer, picture #2

A picture series

Soccer, picture #3

Soccer, picture #3

War visions, picture 1

War visions

Picture #1, colored pencils

War visions, picture #2

War visions #2

Colored pencils

Turning Round and Aimore

“Turning Round”

Inspired on Chris De Burgh’s Classical song

Multiple directions

“Never Let You Go”

Inspired on Kitaro song

The bus stop


Inspired on The Cars’ Classical song

The Adventure Animal

The Adventure Animal

“Magic Fly” and “Running
In The City”, Didier Marouani Classical songs

Waiting For Cousteau, Love Is Blue

“Waiting For Cousteau”

Inspired on Jean Michel Jarre song

Puff, The Magic Dragon

“Puff, The Magic Dragon”

Inspired on Peter, Paul and Mary Classic

Oceanic with Aimore


Inspired on Vangelis CD

The Moon And Me

“The Moon And Me”

Inspired on Cassiano song

The Mammals Group

“Logos” with The Mammals Group

Inspired on Tangerine Dream Classic CD

Towards The Evening Star

“Towards The Evening Star”

Inspired on Tangerine Dream song

The City And The Mist

“The City And The Mist”

Inspired on Guilherme Arantes Classic song

Vomit after a school bullying fight


Me after a school bullying

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