Ceno, The Polar Bear Artist

He's a good Cartoon Artist, works with tablet and Flash software.
Wow! He built two high quality fursuits in only 2 months!
Here a memorable interview with Ceno at “The Tame Talk Show”.
Here a interview with Aimore at “The Tame Talk Show”.

Cine by Cenobear

In The Cine by Ceno Bear

Fit You by Ceno Le Polalo
Fit You by Cenobear
Silly by Cenobear

Silly Polar Bear by Ceno Le Polalo
Sensei by Cenobear

Sensei by Ceno Bear
Huge Noise by Cenobear

Huge Noise by Ceno Polar Bear
Cenesh by Cenobear

Cenesh by Ceno Bear
Two Bears by Cenobear

Two Bears by Ceno
Russian Bear by Cenobear

Russian Bear by Ceno
Cat Jazz by Cenobear

Cat Jazz by Ceno Polar Bear
El Oso Polar by Cenobear

El Oso Polar by Ceno Bear
Aimore by Cenobear

Aimore by Ceno Le Polalo
Sensei by Cenobear

Ceno waiting some idea

Se houver mais imagens do Ceno, Contato: dionisio@aimore.org